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Fear the Boot

Aug 1, 2007

* Welcoming Tex and Luke as our new hosts!

* Clearing Tex’s name.

* Power 16 update.  Vote here and check the bracket here.

* A call for commission artists that will do custom art (for pay) in a realistic style.  Please send emails with samples, etc, to feartheboot(at)

* Favorite video game based on a tabletop RPG.

* Knowing when to update or not update your roleplaying game collection.

* Why is there no official Harry Potter RPG?

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Luke, Tex

almost eleven years ago

unofficial Harry Potter RPG called \"Broomstix\":

almost eleven years ago

Go Baron!

almost eleven years ago

Good Show. I haven\'t had the opportunity to listen for a while, but you guys didn\'t disappoint.

almost eleven years ago

Favorite video games based on an RPG.
1. Baldur\\\'s Gate 1&2
2. Hunter :the reckoning.

almost eleven years ago

I also vote for Hunter: the Reckoning on best video adaptation of an RPG. And the fact that you haven\\\'t updated your collection of game books explains the absence of Exalted on your review table. For a game that really strikes a balance between in-depth RP and bad-asses with big swords, Exalted is the way to go. And the social combat rules in 2nd ed ought to keep even Phil happy.

Keep up the good show, but ... shop around ... bear in mind that the current crop of game books are being written by 2nd and 3rd generation gamers with a wealth of experience behind them. There is innovation there worth looking at.

almost eleven years ago

Luke and Tex are great additions.
One fix for a Harry Potter RPG, you could simply say that magic has a toxicity that infects the users mind and soul that magically makes them unable to understand or comprehend muggle technology unless that technology was really old. Like Muggles are always 2 progress levels ahead of them.

almost eleven years ago

Re: ENnie awards and abuse-voting

Couldn\'t it be that there are so many people at MicroSoft that all votes through all the IP addresses were by different people? Not necessarily one people voting multiple times.