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Fear the Boot

Jul 16, 2007

* John’s cougar.

* Fear the Boot has been nominated for an ENnie Award!  Don’t forget to vote here!

* Power 16 update.  You can see the current bracket here and vote for the next round here.

* Selecting the game your group is going to play.

* The psychological effects of playing a roleplaying game.

* Representing psychological problems in a roleplaying game.

* Mike’s PSA.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Mike

twelve and a half years ago


Forgive me Phil! I did not vote for you! I was going to but the voting area was closed.. *sniff*

twelve and a half years ago

I am one of the six.

Go Baron!

twelve and a half years ago

Please stop the bleeping introduction jokes! It\\\'s not funny, it\\\'s just irritating. I\\\'ve listened to most of the shows and I still don\\\'t recognize anyone\\\'s voice but Dan\\\'s. The only thing I know about any of you is what you put on this podcast. I can\\\'t tell if your joking about your names and I can\\\'t see you smiling.

Justin Corwin
twelve and a half years ago

Farewell Mike! You\\\'re my favorite. If you made a donation drive called \\\"Hire Mike a Manservant for the Duration of the Crisis\\\" to keep you on the show, I\\\'d donate.