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Fear the Boot

Jul 11, 2007

* Fear the Boot nominated for an ENnie award!  Don’t forget to vote for us from July 16th to July 29th.  You can find the ENnie site here.

* Some changes at Fear the Boot.

* Using electronic aids to help with voluntary player isolation.

* Nazi Zombie Bugbear contest is over!  The song by GoOrange can be found here and also heard at the end of the show.  The winning picture by Angstboy can be found here.

* Handling ridiculous player actions.

* How to run a high-combat, low-RP game.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Phil

twelve and a half years ago

In our high school group, Phil was named Brad and had a different voice. His stunning plan was crossbow of speed versus the giant crab in White Plume Mountain. He lost.

twelve and a half years ago

1st post!

twelve and a half years ago

Yes. Phil is awesome.