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Fear the Boot

Jul 4, 2007

* The Beatles version of Lord of the Rings?!  Also, here’s the song with Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo.

* Power 16 update.  You can see the bracket here.  And be sure to vote on the next round here.

* Fictional religions in a roleplaying game.

* Real religions in a roleplaying game.

* Religion versus RPG culture.  Here is a link to the Chick tract we keep talking about.  And here’s a link to the profile of the guy that hosts the Gamers of Faith forum.  Send him a PM if you want to get more info on joining it.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

Daniel M Perez (The Gamer Traveler Podcast)
almost eleven years ago

Guys, it\\\'s July 6, 07 - 11:00 AM EST, and the site is down. I got here by going directly to Libsyn as the redirect was not working either.

almost eleven years ago

I think this was a really good show. It had some real world implications of implementing religion at your game table.
I have actually come up with commandments that have different flavors for each god in my games. I call them different things like doctrines, codes, etc... But, in essence they are commandments and I have also created spells for each diety. A single first level spell that has the power of a second level spell usually but is really exact in function and cannot really be used for gain or in combat.

I have used real life religions and their texts to create gods in my games. I mean take a look at the Norse gods - their gods are mortal. Take a look at all kinds of religions - creation mythos are so different that they are ripe to be used in games. Even altered to suit other gods.

Well, I am going off... great podcast guys... keep up the good work.

almost eleven years ago

I\\\'m not sure if this is the right place to post this (or if this even gets read), but you mentioned in this (otherwise excellent) episode that you think Jewish religious people (or officials) object to RPGs similarly to Christians based on the fact that the IDF may look unkindly on roleplayers. First, there is absolutely no relation between the IDF and Jewish sentiment on any subject. Second, while some orthodox Jews might object to their kids spending time RP-ing, I suspect they would have the same objection to watching sports (i.e. wasting time on trivial pursuits) for example.

I have never heard of anyone having to quit RP-ing (or not trying it) because of religious (Jewish) reasons. On the other hands, I\\\'ve yet to meet an orthodox roleplayer.

Just so you know.