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Fear the Boot

May 16, 2007

* The D&D play-by-DVD game, Scourge of Worlds.  Pictures of the woman that voice-acted Lidda can be found here.

* The Rifts challenge.

* World Wide Wing Night 2, final reminder.

* Supporting your local gaming shop.

* Should Game Masters cheat?

* Answering Andrew’s email on how to handle enemies in an RPG.

* Running a low-magic fantasy game.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan

(If you want to know what it sounds like when a phone call messes up our recording session, click here.)

Andreas Henker
almost thirteen years ago

Hi guys! Love your show and try to listen some older episodes as well... anyhow, by now I have gotten used to your Rifts-slagging but you talked about the Scourge of the Worlds dvd chose not to publish it despite the fact that you actually reviewed it, on the other hand you call Dungeon and Dragon magazines \"old\" despite the stated fact that hardly any of you guys was/is familiar with the mags in question. So now I have come to wonder if any of you anti-Rifters has actually played a Rifts game (which, by the way, is based on the universal Palladium rules, like Turtles) and if so, what was so bad about it. The rules? The setting? The DM? Surely not the cover art. I am geting a little of subject here... to sum it up I think you should be more familiar with the matters you discuss in your pod instead of just rant for ranting\'s sake. ;-)
THanx 4 a gr8 show /Andreas

Bill Gates
almost thirteen years ago

Why is it that so many gamers keep coming to the point of rolling to see what happens when nobody at the table wants to see a certain result? Is it that certain outcomes cannot be forseen? I think it\'s obvious when you start forcing rolls for balance on a cliff that there\'s a chance to fall and if nobody wants to see anyone fall, I don\'t see why it happens so often.

I like letting the dice fall where they land, but I also make sure there aren\'t any rules that conflict with my vision of the setting first.

almost thirteen years ago

Question: I am curious about your opinion of player death. I feel it adds to the drama of the game. If you know that there is a real chance it adds to teh drama.

I find it hard to beleive that none of you read the LOTR trilogy.

I like the Gummy bear idea.

almost thirteen years ago

When you use a battlemap, one way to handle the horde of bad guys you don\\\'t have a figure for is use \\\"edible enemies\\\". Buy some Hersey\\\'s kisses, gummy bears, anything about the right size. Kisses are nice because you can write a number on the bottom and tip them over on the map so the GM can see the number. The best part of this is when someone slays the figure, they get to eat it. (Hungry power gamers may skip the Uber Bad Guy in lead to wipe out the army first.)