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Fear the Boot

Jul 14, 2019

* (0:28) This studio is hot.

* (2:55) The conundrum of character suicide. How Frankenstein's monster was actually made.

* (16:10) Not being a victim of your own creations.

* (31:28) Explaining the idea of a swan song and how it manifests in an RPG.

* (39:17) Deconstructing a swan song that occurred in one of our games.

* (40:56) Extra camera time.

* (47:30) Letting a character arc run its full course. Death of a Salesman.

* (51:59) Swan songs as a consensus of every contributor to the story.

* (56:18) Recognizing the moments when they happen unplanned. Letting the character continue, anyway.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Wayne