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Fear the Boot

May 9, 2007

* Why Dan hates Woodson Terrace, Missouri.  The “350” clip referred to can be found here.

* The final reminder for Ziggurat Con donations.  This Saturday is the cut-off for donations.

* World Wide Wing Night 2 is still coming up on Friday, May 18th.

* Dragon and Dungeon magazines shutting down, redux.  The voice mail we’re discussing can be found here, should you want to hear the whole thing.  You can check out Carl’s own podcast over here.

* Getting your group to try new games.

* Getting your group to try new gaming styles.

* Running a superhero game.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

twelve and a half years ago

The thing I most remember about Dragon Magazine is Tucker\\\'s Kobolds -

almost thirteen years ago

From what I\'ve been able to dig up. The officially recognized birthday for \"Buffalo Wings\" was October 30, 1964. Cheers!