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Fear the Boot

Oct 27, 2017

* (1:02) FLASH!, an anthology that includes Dan and several booters. You can get a copy on Amazon.

* (2:20) Dan was a guest on The Greatest Show. You can see the video here or grab an audio version here.

* (3:32) Playing characters that suck at their jobs.

* (16:20) Portraying inter-factional politics in a roleplaying game. The Skies of Glass Actual Play.

* (18:33) Defining who the factions are and what they want.

* (20:31) Setting the constraints of the political game. Rules, reality, or requisites.  Silent Memories.

* (28:55) Avoiding the politics of pleasing a single person.

* (33:57) Outsourcing the factions to other GMs.

* (35:08) Revealing the politics to the player-characters.

* (37:12) The outsider's perspective.

* (45:11) The insider's perspective.

* (48:58) Players who need to feel they're making the morally correct choice.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, and Wayne