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Fear the Boot

Apr 5, 2007

* Chris Engler is joining a charity bowling contest that will benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters.  If RPG podcast listeners will pledge enough money, several companies (including Highmoon Media and Sword’s Edge) have pledged to give away a ton of RPG-related prizes.  You can find the details on his website or in our forums.

* A Bloodbowl League is forming, using a Java client so you can play online for free.  You can find information in our forums and on the league’s page.

* Congratulations to Zanian0 for winning our Chad: The Travesty contest.  You can find his entry here.

* A discussion on Command & Conquer 3 leads into a longer discussion on strategy video games.

* Dealing with cliches when running a genre-based RPG.  The Inspector Gadget joke John makes is in reference to this Robot Chicken clip.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John