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Fear the Boot

May 16, 2017

* (0:28) Chad and Wayne are AWOL.

* (1:20) Dan learns a whole lot about Fritz Tornow and Hitler's dogs.

* (4:03) Following up on Brodeur's lack of combat in his game.

* (5:53) Brodeur does everything wrong, but it works.

* (9:22) Starting with the party asleep and fully divided.

* (13:44) Mid-scene cliffhangers and spotlight bouncing for about two-and-a-half hours.

* (21:14) The pacing of the game versus the dosing of the campaign.

* (26:54) Let's talk about that Bard-Warlock-Paladin.

* (32:08) The epilogue and what Brodeur took away from it all.

* (36:27) Players that are excited about each other's characters as much as their own.

* (39:25) The more you put into your character, the more you get out of the game.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan