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Fear the Boot

Mar 14, 2007

* Chad and Dawn’s baby

* Chad: The Travesty contest.  Enter here!

* Whether rolling dice is unfair to unlucky players.

* The future of Fear the Boot.

* Designing expansions for your roleplaying game.

* Copyright protection.

* Skies of Glass Q&A

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Mike, John

Trevor Chapman
almost thirteen years ago

Dear FTB\'ers,

I\'ve listened to the first half of this podcast and need to make 2 quick points.

1) the fact that Mike feels that he rolls poorly and that Dan rolls luckily is more likely due to human psychology than actual fact.
Humans tend to remember the bad of themselves, and that includes the fortune of others as contrast. To test this theory, I would suggest that you get Mike and Dan to each roll the same d6 36 times and record the \'scores\' (the number you rolled multiplied by it\'s chance (1/6)). Total these scores and divide by the total # of rolls to get an average of the rolls that were made. In a perfect statistical world the average should be 3.5. Now if Mike is truly unlucky and Dan is truly lucky, then the values they rolled should be reflective of this \'fact\' (i.e. Mike would have an average below 3 and Dan would have one above 4). It is imperative that you use the same dice, as this will help to offset the \'fairness\' of the dice as an impacter of the statistical variance. I am fairly certain that you will see that the variance, if any, between Mike and Dan is not as large as thought and therefore the problem is in the attitude of the perciever of the \'reality\'.

2) With regards to your \'change of format\', I see this as a most welcome change. I have been listening to the \'game creation\' shows, but am deriving more enjoyment from the banter and discussions than the tips, mostly as I have no asperations to publish or create a game setting, the world already has too many. I would love to hear what books, comics, movies, tv shows, podcasts, etc. that the FtB\'ers listen to and what they love/hate or can critique about them. This is more what I listen to gaming podcasts for, the ability to banter with (or in this case listen to banter about) a group of like minded souls about one or more of my hobbies. And since we are \'geeks\' it is highly probable that we have interests in the same books, movies, tv shows, comics, podcasts, etc. My only caveat would be that you preface any spoilers with the statement that spoilers are included., This may be petty of me but if I haven\'t read a book or seen a TV show/movie (what with 3 children I don\'t have the luxury of seeing most movies the same year they were released, never mind the same month), due to my editic memory, I prefer not to have it \'ruined\' for me before I can realize the surprises for myself.

Keep up the excellent work, and send my congratulations to Chad and Lisa for the arrival of their child (Chad, being the first FtB\'er to have kids(?), had best be ready to have a significant paradigm shift in how it is he spends his free time and how much of it he truly has).

Trevor Chapman
aka Ratenef Scrillion