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Fear the Boot

Nov 3, 2016

* (0:29) Happy Jack's fishy music-crafting.

* (3:24) Today's topic requires a disclaimer of sorts: Satanic Panic. Jack Chick and, "What's a tract?"

* (8:11) Why Chick is relevant: Dark Dungeons. What this episode is and is not about.

* (11:12) Why Wayne wasn't affected by the panic.

* (12:35) Discussing Jack Chick, himself, and satanic ritual abuse.

* (15:20) A tour through the era of panic. How modern people can relate to what occurred. Other moral panics. Though exaggerated, malicious tampering with Halloween candy has happened.

* (24:20) The fact that you know it's a d30, Dan, is damning evidence in its own right.

* (31:14) Before we get to the documents: A slice of life. Experiences are shared.

* (42:43) The FBI, and more experience sharing.

* (46:01) Conclusions, and going out on a positive note.

* (47:50) Definitely for the quote database: "SUCK A D4, PIG!"

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne