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Fear the Boot

Oct 20, 2016

* (0:31) A big thanks to our Patreon backers.

* (1:32) NPC AI. Having non-player characters make decisions according to predetermined parameters. Our episode on quitting the field.

* (5:43) Why this isn't just "deciding".

* (6:41) The mechanical or rules-based approach.

* (7:38) The parameterized or character-based approach.

* (21:06) The psychology of fear, and the call of the void.

* (23:59) Moving away from combat and into pure roleplaying.

* (33:09) Star Trek, and the importance of NPC AI in such a deadly game. Deadly accidents.

* (40:38) Dan restates his belief that dice are the Nth player. Treating groups as a single character.

Hosts: Aisha, Chad, Dan, John