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Fear the Boot

Sep 21, 2016

* (0:24) The Mic-er Conspiracy, and editing what people say.

* (2:26) Dan has a story!

* (10:12) How Dan's story ties into gaming. The Facebook thread on the topic. Chekhov's Gun.

* (15:24) The difference in how we search for meaning in life versus how we do so in an RPG.

* (19:21) A tangent about Tarantino and the Rules of Eating in cinema. Everyday events that don't matter to the plot.

* (22:15) Brodeur's counterpoint: Events need to further the game.

* (26:04) Chekhov's Candy Sticks.

* (33:13) Why do people drop things? Nowhere Man. The distinction between Chad and Dan putting detail in their games.

* (44:51) Dan visits a casino in D&D 5E.

* (46:13) There are five: The rivers Styx, Lethe, Acheron, Cocyteus, and Phlegethon - Hate, Oblivion, Sadness, Lamentation, and Fire. Dan yells at an undead boat driver.

* (52:38) Conclusions on the incidental. What interviewing an NPC is all about for new listeners.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne