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Fear the Boot

Sep 14, 2016

NOTE: This episode is the second half of a recording that began with the prior episode.

* (0:24) Spiders of my Mind, a game about psychotic murderers and an insane asylum. The day and night cycle.

* (18:01) Brodeur asks: What attracted you to this setting? Pat is creepy and was super into a cat.

* (25:14) Chad is diligent in crediting the source of the flashbacks mechanic: Mikel Matthews.

* (30:11) On finding editors.

* (32:15) Brodeur brings up the trouble with playing bad people.

* (40:34) Chad talks about his love of dark games and a particular session about a haunted house.

* (48:05) Brodeur notes that Chad's not playing these games for "evil is fun".

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad