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Fear the Boot

Aug 26, 2016

* (0:28) Andy Warhol gets trolled by Dennis Hopper through Strasbergian emotional memory.

* (4:30) Dropped glasses become art, perhaps because of Yoko Ono's famous picture?

* (5:41) Chad has an idea to pitch.

* (9:20) Telling good stories without alienating the people they're about. Catching Pat in his refractory period.

* (17:11) Chad owns and can't seem to opt out of the sale of a similar domain.

* (24:09) Dan's idea that never happened, and why certain ideas in general don't get done.

* (37:03) Tying it all together: Things done, things never done, and why.

* (43:43) Dan will try to dig up the Lookout Radio demo.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat