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Fear the Boot

Aug 9, 2016

* (0:28) Fear the Boot's crossover with Dead Games Society. Gaming resources that are not sourcebooks.

* (3:43) A sad farewell and all our love to Mark.

* (4:39) Everyone begs for new chairs. Brodeur plans to steal from Good Will.

* (6:10) Game-relevant table talk. Meta-gaming and immersion.

* (17:41) When can a character speak and for how long?

* (24:59) Action timing in Blades in the Dark.

* (32:50) Models of initiative.

* (46:15) Pat takes us back to the original point.

* (49:13) Letting everyone talk—or not!

* (55:25) Chad thanks Brodeur the Elder.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Pat