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Fear the Boot

Mar 16, 2016

* (0:29) Dan can't operate a mixer.

* (2:21) 1d4Con in Martisburg, WV from April 15th - 17th.

* (4:07) Upcoming crossovers with Happy Jacks.

* (4:29) Noah the Destroyer.

* (11:00) A Twitter poll we ran about whether it's best for game designers (or GMs running a game) to err on the side of too many or too few rules.

* (14:21) The value of crunch in settling disputes, enshrining character traits, and maintaining fairness. Rules can be ignored more easily than written.

* (24:47) Our own preferences in balancing the quantity and complexity of rules.

* (27:30) The value of a rules light approach. The games are less intimidating, easier to learn, and allow for greater creative freedom. Weird West, the PocketMod game by Stuart Robertson.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Pat, Wayne