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Fear the Boot

Jan 15, 2016

* (0:29) The Battletech contest is complete! You can find the list of winning game ideas here. I'll be emailing the winners within the next week to get their mailing addresses.

* (1:51) Blades in the Dark, digital edition early access with upgrade support through the finished product. You can grab your copy here.

* (3:05) Wayne was trying to figure out what he wants to run at DruCon and decided on a Power Rangers game. The gritty fan film.

* (9:24) Writing down the dirty dozen: roughly twelve ideas the game needs to portray in order to really capture the original intellectual property.

* (17:26) Either adapting an existing product in whole or cherry-picking ideas from multiple sources.

* (20:07) Handling a situation where multiple players are controlling a single, combined character in a game.

* (28:22) Using the dirty dozen to prioritize design choices.

* (38:46) The dated economics of Back to the Future.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, John, Wayne