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Fear the Boot

Dec 3, 2015

* (0:29) This is the last week to enter for the metal Battletech dice. You can enter by leaving your plot idea for Battletech (or generic science fiction) on this website.

* (1:55) Chad's Blades in the Dark game. You can BitD's Google group here. The video game, Dishonored.

* (9:24) Playbooks.

* (12:46) Uptime, downtime, and ongoing projects.

* (17:21) The "project clock". Stress, vice, and coin.

* (26:25) Similar mechanics for long-term projects in other games.

* (31:10) Illustrating the long gaps of time between adventures.

* (37:01) The value of an essay structure when speaking.

* (38:21) The takeaways that apply to other game systems.

* (42:42) Playing a game that's still being written.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Chris, Dan