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Fear the Boot

Sep 17, 2015

* (0:29) Chris is still doing the giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.

* (0:47) Wayne gets his first exposure to play-by-post games. You can find the Fear the Boot forum section for them here.

* (11:18) Jobbies, Research in Motion, and FIHAGs.

* (12:57) The player that challenges the GM on everything.

* (15:04) The dice cheater.

* (20:37) The dice bowler. Tiny and illegible dice.

* (25:48) Deaf people and music. Taylor Swift and Horace Mann.

* (27:36) The ball and chain.

* (35:50) The substance abuser.

* (39:23) The crappy voices.

* (47:49) Distracting devices. The FCC stops convention centers from jamming wifi.

* (50:16) Players that won't give the game a chance.

* (53:03) Players that won't stop playing with the gaming resources.

* (58:31) Be responsible for your own stuff.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne