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Fear the Boot

Sep 3, 2015

* (0:39) Brodeur becomes a host.

* (1:07) Follow Fear the Boot on Twitter for Chris' upcoming giveaway of PC and XBOX 360 games.

* (3:10) Dan gets a bunch of Battletech dice that he'll be giving away soon.

* (4:04) D&D 5th edition and Dan's inability to name an episode right.

* (6:51) The highs, lows, and expectations of gaming. How that relates to the length of time someone has been in the hobby.

* (14:44) The idea of gaming versus the reality of gaming.

* (17:05) Taking gaming too seriously. The value of simpler, sillier games.

* (20:06) Con games and one-shots as a point of reference.

* (24:55) Interspersing higher and lower expectation games.

* (35:16) The relationship between game expectation, age, and the prefrontal cortex.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chris, Dan