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Fear the Boot

Aug 6, 2015

* (1:02) Asheville Scarefest in Asheville, North Carolina on October 23 - 25. You can find them at their website or on Facebook.

* (1:44) Fear the Boot is now available on SoundCloud!

* (2:30) Battletech box set giveaway. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and tweet #GenCon2015 along with the name of a 'Mech you like. Don't know the 'Mechs? Just tell us that, or you can find some here.

* (4:26) Some of the products I saw doing very well at Gen Con include...

* (7:23) A big thanks to Derek Knutsen from THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS and Tim Patrick from Critical Glitch for helping me get some con-exclusives.

* (9:14) My love-hate relationship with con-exclusives.

* (13:07) Identifying with a faction in a work of fiction.

* (21:51) An upcoming crossover with One Shot Podcast.

Hosts: Dan