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Fear the Boot

May 29, 2006

We kick this show off with an explanation of how making a podcast is like running a roleplaying game.  The hosts are introduced, and then John and Chad tell us their tongue-in-cheek (?) vision of a roleplaying game with just one character stat.

The product we review this show is very close to home: our own podcast.  We go over the critiques our listeners have sent us and talk about the changes we’ve made over the past several episodes.

The advice portion covers the art and science of creating solid characters, with special emphasis on background and personality.  We also explain the virtues of intentionally writing in weaknesses.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John, Kevin, Tim

thirteen and a half years ago

On thinking of concept, I unlike some, like Shadowrun. : ) When a group was being made though, I told my players that Deckers weren\'t allowed because you have to run a seperate game just for that one character whenever they hack into a system. I did make sure at least one player had a Decker Contact for those times when one was needed so the group was always involved, instead of waiting on one person decking.

thirteen and a half years ago

Well, I didn\\\'t trash Shadowrun; I just said I hadn\\\'t played it.

I don\\\'t think it\\\'s really possible for any game to be \\\"bad\\\". It\\\'s just a set of rules and a setting. I think a lot of the experience rests on the group and the DM. Some of the best games I\\\'ve played in were completely off of the standard Role-Playing universe and completely invented by the DM.

thirteen and a half years ago

I was talking more about the forum based RPs, as it is souly the Role-play function. I feel it\'s a great way to get a character in your head.

Jim in Buffalo
thirteen and a half years ago

Again, still getting caught up. A set of forums for your podcast is a nice idea. I keep all the forums for the various podcasts I listen to bookmarked together in a folder, and I hit the \"open in tabs\" command to visit them all at the same time, seeing what\'s new in the way of posts in each one. Also, have you guys considered setting up a free Odeo account and getting voicemail from your listeners? That\'s a fun way to do a bit of Q&A, especially since you all seem to come up with different answers to each question.

thirteen and a half years ago

Great show guys! I don\'t even play role-playing games, but found the podcast to be very funny (heh heh....MonoStat...) and very entertaining. :)

My only pieces of criticism are that you guys tended to talk over each other a little, which kind of made it hard to follow the conversation at times and that Tim kept moving away from the microphone. Other than that, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!

Oh...and because you guys asked:


Dawn W
thirteen and a half years ago

Yay the big board! I see number 38 is Wives of Gamers. Looks like some interesting topics are coming up. :D

thirteen and a half years ago

Loved the casts, very funny. I\'ve never Pen & Papered a RP, what about a Cast about online RPs.

Andy over in the UK
thirteen and a half years ago

Hi Guys

Really enjoying the podcasts and I like the way you are dispensing advice on gaming by using the shadowrun game. It makes for a good structure and I\'m going to stay listening to see how it develops.
The website PDF\'s are good and I\'m already planning to use the group template form for my Cthulhu players.
I think there are a lot of Role-players who back-pedal away from the whole Nerd badge when in \"polite company\" but who spend all their time thinking about dungeons, campaigns and managing their included
And I totally agree with whoever said they could not roleplay at a gaming store. I could never bring myself to role-play in a public place too nerdy, The comments about role-playing not being a spectator event, are so true (frighteningly enough, there are even a few clubs in the UK who role-play in pubs!)

Looking forward to the other podcasts
It’s shaping up really nicely

thirteen and a half years ago

Nicely done gentlemen! For anyone that just can\'t get enough gaming while at home, this is definately the crutch to get through the work day.

The sound quality is great and the show has a nice flow. You\'ve definately done your homework before starting up and it shows. Congrats!