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Fear the Boot

May 22, 2006

For the next several episodes, we’ll be using a mock Shadowrun game to walk you through the do’s and don’ts of roleplaying games.  In this podcast, we talk about the first step a group should take when starting a game: creating a group template.  We explain what group templates are, why to build one, and how to make them effective.

Before digging into that, we take a look back at our first gaming experiences, followed by a discussion about gaming in hobby shops and other public places.  There’s also a brief chat about the changing definition of what’s “dorky” and a review of Shadowrun’s previous editions.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

over eleven years ago

Is it only me who enjoys playing a Cleric? Maybe it\'s the way our DM runs them, where you get to pick your own deity. Awfully interesting being a religious zealot.

Oh the POWER of being the only healer in the party (especially a high level one). It gives you an awful lot of bargaining muscle and, trust me, you will always get raised.

What does annoy me is when as DM I have to explain the difference between Clerics and Worshippers to really dumb players.

PLAYER: \"But I said I worship this got so don\'t I get this clerical power?\"

thirteen and a half years ago

I will bring the camera to give the people what they want!

Jim in Buffalo
thirteen and a half years ago

I like the show so far, still catching up having only heard about it recently. But I have to say I was put off by the slagging of various game systems, i.e. \"I hate Shadowrun\" and \"Champions is absolutely awful.\" I think it\'s a bad idea for any of the hosts to slag game systems that your listeners might actually be using. If you hate a game system, you should at least explain why. You might hate it for the same reason someone else likes it.

Dawn W
thirteen and a half years ago

Great episode guys, much tighter than episode 1. I want to see the big board!!!!11!!!