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Fear the Boot

Sep 24, 2008

* Chris is old!

* Will we outgrow roleplaying games?

* The episode 115 tutorials are NOT available on CD.  We’re having problems getting CafePress to process the sound files properly.  However, if you want to create your own CD, we’ve compiled the MP3 files in a CD-ready format (intro music removed, etc) in a zip file that you can download here.

* World Wide Wing Night 5 on Saturday, November 8th (not 18th) is coming up soon.  You can find details here.

* We’ve started a Warhammer Online guild, Order side, on the Thorgrim server.  You can find details on our forums.

* Chris pulls out Pulp Dungeons from the gamer closet.

* GM profile for Dan.

* Don’t forget to send in your GM profiles!

* Easing new players into the hobby.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat