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Fear the Boot

Jun 26, 2008

* Chris tries to blame Dan for his flatulence.

* A shout-out to Halbert for giving Dan a code for an item in Age of Conan!

* How our review show won’t be a review show.  If you want to start getting ready for that show, the first two topics we’ll be discussing are Frank Miller’s graphic novel, Dark Knight Returns, and the RPG, Justifiers.  (Our forum user, JamsTheHobbit, provided us with a link to a Savage Worlds conversion you can find here.)

* Running a roleplaying game with young children present.  The foam dice Dan describes are item #10966 in this catalog.

* Introducing older children to the RPG hobby.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John

eleven and a half years ago

That\'s nice... Just kick your wife out of the group to watch the kids. ¬_¬

bill eaton
eleven and a half years ago

Hi everyone, really enjoyed the show. I am starting my two kids (8 & 10) on 4th Ed D&D - they have gone through a faery\\\'s tale introduction to the hobby and are proving natural roleplayers. They really love creating backstory for their characters and I was intrigued by the mention of the twenty questions approach. Is there anywhere I can find this list of questions? (without buying Shadowrun ;-) They sound like a great idea, and not just for the kids - a lot of the adults I play with would benefit hugely from putting more into their character background.
Any help greatly appreciated
Keep up the good work.
All the best
Bill (UK)

Geek Dad
eleven and a half years ago

Just wanted to say that this show made me laugh so hard I was crying. I have been gaming with the same group for 28 years and we have traveled the path of girfriends to wives to children (we are now all entering our 40s). I have two kids and I introduced gaming to them at a young age (Heroquest) and are now playing D&D4e. I think it has a profoundly positive effect on their critical thinking skils and imagination. I\'ll be sharing this show with my gaming group for sure. Also, thanks for proving to all that game geeks can indeed have sex with real women (or men).

Keep up the good work!