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Fear the Boot

Jun 18, 2008

* Phil’s wisdom on packaging.

* Join Phil in developing his sci-fi setting, Red Earth Saga.

* An in-depth explanation of Fear the Boot’s future.


* Dan and the great Lord of the Rings movie marathon escape.

* Incorporating side games into a roleplaying game.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John, Phil

eleven and a half years ago

I don\'t really mind what changes are made to the podcast as long as I still get to hear Dan\'s dream voice and I remain John\'s couger . Love u guys and good luck!

eleven and a half years ago

If I could type, it would have said \"Dan\'s dreamy voice and John\'s cougar\".

eleven and a half years ago

This is a really great podcast, my friend has been telling me about it for months but I\'m only now going back and listening to your old episodes. In episode 65, Dan mentioned an unnamed homebrew wargame that was \"like Toy Wars sortof, but with the complexity of 40k\". This sounds really great, since I\'ve always wanted to get into wargaming but never started due to the pricing (eight bucks for 5 guys that you have to painstakingly paint yourself before you can even use). It seems like such an awesome idea. I was wondering if there was a copy of the rules and any sample minis that I could get. I would love to play this game with my friends instead of assembling horribly mismatched D&D minis warbands.

Thanks in advance.

eleven and a half years ago

I fleshed out the Estate system for my campaign:


eleven and a half years ago

Classic Episode, the fart heard around blogdom!

eleven and a half years ago

Are you guys serious?
Dan reading hios prose and a middle brow pathetic pop-culturual circle jerk?

That MUST be a joke. Hell, in 2007 you´d all have mocked and ridiculed ANYONE who´d be audacious & pretentious enough to make such a show.

Jumping th Shark it is, definitely!