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Fear the Boot

Jun 11, 2008

* Here’s your chance to support a gamer-driven charity for a women’s shelter!  Click here for more information.

* Some changes coming to Fear the Boot.

* John’s first brush with D&D 4th edition.  You can find the Reaper Mini site Dan mentioned here.

* Roleplaying games that are old, obscure, or simply never played.

* How to create conflict amongst your player-characters in an RPG.  Yes, you read that right!

Hosts: Chris, Dan, John

eleven and a half years ago

The RSS has 102 as well, not it\'s that much of a pain for me to jump over here an dl 103.

eleven and a half years ago

I loved you guys and your show, as long as it lasted.
It was a fun time, I listened to every single episode. Thanks!

Everything cool has to end, it seems.

Scooter Vagabond
eleven and a half years ago

Hey, you reposted 102, doofuses! :)