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Fear the Boot

Jul 31, 2008

* The Gamer Adventures site can be found here.

* Back Seat Producers can be found here.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke, Matt

eleven and a half years ago

The hype was overblown. It was good, and I listened to it only the first time, with my monitor turned off. Anyway you can release the audio only for us OLD MP3 player owners, otherwise I would have to do the work myself, and I\'m sure stripping the audio off is a lot of work for me, but a snap for you guys.

over eleven years ago

Thanks a lot for answering my questions. Love the episode... and sorry for being so late but I lacked any internet connection for some time.

Love you guys, Love the show. See you soon.

eleven and a half years ago

If you ever do something like this again, and I know you won\'t, you should NOT have made it a longshot the whole time. ZOOM IN!
Conversations are MUCH more interesting if you can SEE the people\'s faces! What television talk show keeps the camera zoomed out the WHOLE TIME. Only John knew what to do about the camera, looking back at it with personality.
But anyways... Besides the point. I liked the \'pop up video\' style inserts. They made it entertaining.

eleven and a half years ago

No Chad? Awww.

eleven and a half years ago

I agree a higher res vid would be very nic

eleven and a half years ago

I thought it was good, sort of boring to watching but I didn\'t really mind, still good advice as normal. oh and \"You guys looking nothing like what I thought you\'d look like.\"

eleven and a half years ago

Does Dan look like Jesus? It was blurry, so it was hard to tell. The other 3 look like gamers from every group I\'ve ever been in.

eleven and a half years ago

The Rapture has come!

eleven and a half years ago

This is awesome. I wish you guys would do this every year.

eleven and a half years ago

Luke lies about everything Dan loves. I loved those little comment blurbs, I wish the vid had been higher resolution, but that\'s my only complaint

eleven and a half years ago

Holy crap.

You guys are such [i]geeks[/i]. ;)