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Fear the Boot

May 15, 2006

After a conversation about why roleplaying game stories are so terrible to listen to, we move on to the types of gaming groups and a debate about resolving situations where players have a social wit their characters lack (and vice versa).

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Kevin

Dawn W
thirteen and a half years ago

Dammit, there was about 200 more words to that comment, but I\'m not going to rewrite it. Anyway, good job guys.

thirteen and a half years ago

Well done and great to see a quality podcast on this topic.

I\'ll listen to the other episodes before going into details too much, but I hope you\'ll find some balance and not interrupt eachother\'s trains of thought so much :).

Dawn W
thirteen and a half years ago

Hi guys, Chad wanted me to give some feedback so here we go:

First some suggestions for improved communication:

This was a little disorganized, and Chad said you really didn\\\'t have a script or anything, so you might want to have something in front of you to refer to while talking - even if it\\\'s just \\\"Talk Mostly About Character Creation Today!\\\" on the big board.

I agree with James in that you might not want to make assumptions about what gamers at large enjoy, I\\\'ve had to sit through my share of rp replay monologues after all, and if the speaker is interesting to begin with it isn\\\'t so bad. Keep in mind the place I work at has an entire bay devoted to RP novels, and they sell quite well. Most of these are the authors just fellating their own characters (take that RP novelists - BWAAAAA!!!).

Also, you might want to curb the negativity when appealing to a general audience of gamers when talking about gamers themselves. I don\\\'t mean trying to blow sunshine, but more at maybe \\\"my experiences with this type of gamer are this\\\" then also adding a positive example. For example, as much as some people don\\\'t like them, LARPers are a genuine offshoot of RP (although skirting very closely to street theater) and so you might want to consider being a bit more respectful of your listeners. Ranting has its place, but also you might not want to alienate members of your audience who enjoy more than one type of RP. I\\\'d probably just use a lot of qualifiers since I\\\'m a girl, but you probably have lots of experiences to draw from, so use it to your benefit. I hope I\\\'m not being too harsh or out of place or totally missing the point of your \\\'cast but these were my thoughts.

The Good:

All three of you have good \\\'radio voices\\\' so I really enjoyed hearing what you had to say (or maybe it\\\'s just cause I like you all). You\\\'ve definitely got that on your side.

The podcast itself was interesting and funny, and I expect they will get better as you get more used to the format. You have a lot of great advice to give, and having played in your games, I know the the methods you use make for gripping involving games (though having natural talent as storytellers always helps (