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Fear the Boot

Aug 31, 2006

We’re probably just as opinionated about video games as we are roleplaying games, but the former just isn’t what this podcast is about.  However, for this bonus episode, we decided to talk only about video games.

You guys know the drill.  These bonus episodes are not edited or formatted, so the quality of our normal shows isn’t really there.  We just make these things for fun.

Bill Gates
thirteen and a half years ago

Sure, talk about the design aspect of video games. It\'s always interesting.

Nobody\'s ever played brigadoon, the mud?

thirteen and a half years ago

A nice and refreshing episode as a bonus, I thought. I\'m sure you\'re going to get a healthy amount of feedback on this one ;)
Here\'s some suggestions for games for people who got interested:
-X3 Reunion is a nice open ended space sandbox game with awesome graphics, but it stresses economics more than space opera or flight physics.
-Babylon 5 I\'ve Found Her is a very realistic space fighter game with a good B5 atmostphere. It\'s free, but awfully short for now.
-The Star Trek Online MMO will apparently have players take positions on a star ship\'s bridge.

thirteen and a half years ago

Cool episode. RTS\'s I am playing that you may like on PC;
Act of War: Direct Action and Act of War: High Treason. These 2 games are what I always wanted Command and Conquer to be.