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Fear the Boot

Dec 15, 2015

* (0:23) Voting for the science fiction plot hooks has begun. You can get your votes in here.

* (1:38) Wayne has creative block while trying to make a character for an online game of Wield.

* (5:55) Generic-Man to the rescue! Pat is always rich.

* (14:55) Welcome to! (and Wattpad).

* (16:26) Being too distracted by life to contribute to a game.

* (17:31) Not knowing enough about the game to contribute.

* (19:34) Building the parts you know. Using random generators. Inkwell Ideas' card decks.

* (22:59) Mixing and matching. Play Doh and LEGOs.

* (29:43) Finding the character mid-stride.

* (33:45) OCD in video games. The house that's a museum.

* (39:08) Roleplaying in MMOs. Ralph Pootawn (link contains some NSFW material).

Hosts: Dan, John, Pat, Wayne