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Fear the Boot

Jan 30, 2008

Since we’re releasing a bonus episode in place of the regular episode this week, I’ll at least give the show notes in the usual format.  Also, we’ll be back to a regular episode next week!

* Skiing.
* Luke’s musical aspirations.
* Fear the Con.
* Fear the Froot, sponsored by Tony Mast.
* Cartoons.
* Comic books.
* A little bit on the future of Fear the Boot.

Hosts: Chad, Luke, Tex

over ten years ago

You forgot My Little Pony \'n Friends, Punky Brewster, The Care Bears, The Flintstones, the Ghostbusters animated series, Inspector Gadget (NEXT TIME, GADGET! NEXT TIIIIME!), The Jetsons, The Muppet Babies, Rainbow Brite, and The Wuzzles. The Simpsons also started in the \'80s. Man, they just don\'t make cartoons like they used to anymore.

over ten years ago

Another great webcomic is Order of the Stick. You definately need to check it out.

over ten years ago

Webcomic - the best around -

If you haven\'t tried it, try it! Story arc, funny, creative, brilliant.

over ten years ago

Wealthy fighting crime... why do you think Bill Gates is stepping down...