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Fear the Boot

May 20, 2007

Like all Fear the Boot bonus episodes, this show is neither edited nor on our usual subject.  So if this is your first time here, we recommend checking out a regular episode first.

This episode is a review of Anime Central, which was attended by Adam and Melina.  Adam also put together a short film, which you can find here.

While there’s no profanity or explicit material in this episode, it does deal with some sexual themes, so please use discretion when playing it.

almost thirteen years ago

Pocky: For whatever reason, anime fans in America (maybe elsewhere, wouldn\\\'t know) believe it is mandatory to eat Pocky and Yan Yan, drink Ramune soda, and cosplay. At my parents\\\' Asian store, we\\\'d get these Naruto cosplayers coming into the store and that\\\'d be ALL THEY BUY. I know Pocky appears in anime (with or without Pocky on the box), but really. Couldn\\\'t be that hard to buy some other things, is it? It\\\'s the equivalent of buying soda and potato chips for people who don\\\'t watch anime.

Furries: Scare the crap out of me. I really don\\\'t get it at all.
Vampires: That is amusing.
Hard Gay: He\\\'s hilarious. And even more amusing is that he\\\'s married now. Again, it\\\'s an act.
Yaoi/Yuri: You\\\'ll usually end up seeing more yaoi fangirls than you would yuri fanboys. Not sure why, but it just happens to be that way.

Great podcast, btw. I was planning on going to ACen next year, and this opened my eyes a bit.