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Fear the Boot

Oct 28, 2018

* (0:29) A topic inspired by a game of Bang. What it will take to make Dan stab someone in the back in a board game. The distinction between factions and a traitor mechanic.

* (10:29) Hiding your intentions as a Game Master.

* (15:54) The Simpsons, Family Guy, mailing pancakes, Russian manti, grilled cheese, Raddish...

Oct 23, 2018

* (0:28) Fear the boot is now on iHeartRadio. You can get the regular show here and the actual play here.

* (3:02) A player's response to an unintentional Game Master error. An example with a dragon.

* (10:50) Some quick advice to Game Masters: consider a ret-con and be prepared to own your mistake.  Austin Powers

Oct 16, 2018

* (0:22) The trailer for Bumblebee.

* (4:09) The two extremes of product placement.

* (8:21) Resizing a robot. Or not.

* (12:07) The evolution of an idea when someone can tell you, "No."

* (17:34) Nostalgia in the hands of the wrong person.

* (22:17) Nostalgia versus new creations.

* (26:07) The sliding window of...

Oct 4, 2018

* (0:28) Dan was a guest on Gaming with Gage. You can find the episode here.

* (1:22) Explaining game explainers. An example from a Dresden game.

* (10:24) Describing options and risks without dictating an action. Helping the player achieve what they want.

* (14:09) Teaching concepts. Don't play the character for...