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Fear the Boot

May 25, 2017

* (0:40) A bunch of charity updates! Derek’s charity games (low level, mid level, and high level tiers). Pat's GoFundMe page. Manicorn work provided by the Mitch STL salon.

* (6:10) Explaining what a perk or bennie represents before it's used.

* (8:33) Deconstructing the Red Shirt. Creating emotional ante.

* (12:23)...

May 16, 2017

* (0:28) Chad and Wayne are AWOL.

* (1:20) Dan learns a whole lot about Fritz Tornow and Hitler's dogs.

* (4:03) Following up on Brodeur's lack of combat in his game.

* (5:53) Brodeur does everything wrong, but it works.

* (9:22) Starting with the party asleep and fully divided.

* (13:44) Mid-scene cliffhangers...

May 11, 2017

* (0:27) Catching up on episodes and experimenting with a Skies of Glass actual play.

* (2:51) A listener, Steve, asks about keeping characters engaged when their specialty isn't of any use in a particular scene.

* (7:06) Asking how the characters got in this position.

* (10:11) Game Master tweaking of the player...

May 3, 2017

* (0:23) Some more details on Derek’s charity games (low level, mid level, and high level tiers).

* (3:04) Time to go bonus episode! The FAST test for stroke.

* (5:10) Customers beat down Brodeur, illustrating the reason Dan became a programmer.

* (11:26) Chad loves the customers. Or at least doesn't hate them. Dan...