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Fear the Boot

Sep 28, 2016

* (0:18) It's just Dan and Chad today. Whatever happened to Julia?

* (3:38) Behaviors tolerated and untolerated. Organization psychology. The book, Zapp!

* (5:20) The four styles of leadership, as applied to roleplaying. Situational Leadership (with pictures or on Wikipedia or on the official site).

* (9:48) Let it be...

Sep 21, 2016

* (0:24) The Mic-er Conspiracy, and editing what people say.

* (2:26) Dan has a story!

* (10:12) How Dan's story ties into gaming. The Facebook thread on the topic. Chekhov's Gun.

* (15:24) The difference in how we search for meaning in life versus how we do so in an RPG.

* (19:21) A tangent about Tarantino and the...

Sep 14, 2016

NOTE: This episode is the second half of a recording that began with the prior episode.

* (0:24) Spiders of my Mind, a game about psychotic murderers and an insane asylum. The day and night cycle.

* (18:01) Brodeur asks: What attracted you to this setting? Pat is creepy and was super into a cat.

* (25:14) Chad is...

Sep 10, 2016

NOTE: The raw recording was enough for two shows, but the topic change left for rather uneven times. This is the first portion, and it's rather short. The upcoming second portion changes topics and is much longer.

* (0:31) Why Wayne isn't on the mics.

* (1:09) Dan runs the register. Automats.

* (4:52) Dan gets going,...

Sep 1, 2016

* (0:29) Getting Chris to St. Louis. Lovecraft stories and Easter Eggs in Fallout.

* (6:24) The seven intelligences.

* (9:43) Presenting information in the right way to a particular person. Examples from movies and RPGs.

* (13:00) NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Path of Exile is superior to Diablo 3.

* (15:35) Pat as an...