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Fear the Boot

Sep 29, 2012

* (0:28) The video that explains the intro.

* (1:13) Pitching campaign ideas as a practice exercise, and then grading the pitches.

* (1:49) Chris’ pitch.

* (12:17) Pat’s non-pitch, which turns into further deconstruction of Chris’ approach.

* (19:54) Dan’s pitch.

* (31:49) Julia’s pitch.

* (40:25) Chad’s...

Sep 21, 2012

* (0:37) Be sure to get your postcards in for our contest!

* (0:53) Chris gives a shout-out for a rather unusual gift.

* (4:45) What we each feel is missing in our current gaming groups or would like to see in a new player.

* (21:07) The art of selling a game idea to your players.  Reading into their questions.  Digging...

Sep 11, 2012

* (0:28) Introducing yet another Adam.

* (2:45) The postcards contest is still awaiting your entry!

* (4:57) Batman, Superman, Iron Man, a dinosaur, and Toy War 2.  You can see the fight that started it all here.

* (18:45) Getting a new Game Master started in the art of running RPGs.  The experiences of Adam, Beth, and...