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Fear the Boot

Jul 26, 2012

* (0:29) Introducing Keith Baker.

* (2:01) The origin of Eberron and how its publication impacted Keith’s career.

* (9:49) Traveling around the world, staying with other gamers, and running the same game 54 times.  What he would like to run and play within his own group.

* (19:54) Maintaining mystery in a game...

Jul 18, 2012

* (0:50) Tips and techniques for running a fully improvised game.  We start by setting the boundaries for the discussion.

* (5:16) Why improv at all?

* (6:50) Asking the right questions to get things started.  In the broadest sense, what sort of game experience do the players want to have?  Setting boundaries and...

Jul 4, 2012

* (0:35) Handling interrogation in a roleplaying game.  Allowing the PCs (or NPCs) to get the information they want without degrading into senselessly graphic scenes.  Passing off misinformation or allowing the target of interrogation to manipulate the situation.

* (23:17) Characters that don’t quite fit in.  While...