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Fear the Boot

Jun 30, 2011

* (0:30) Pointless trivia about Wayne’s introduction on each episode and Chris’ struggles with Left for Dead 2.

* (5:27) Fear the Boot will be at Gen Con 2011 with more events organized through our illustrious TOFTBCH network.  Expect details to follow in the next episode!  We’re also sponsoring This Just...

Jun 22, 2011

* (0:28) Straightening out our seating arrangement.

* (3:00) The upcoming reset and renumbering of DC comics.  Why we individually think it’s a good idea, bad idea, or mixed bag.

* (14:10) Rewarding the player characters in your RPG. We start by exploring the various ways of rewarding them such as...

Jun 15, 2011

* (0:55) Fear the Boot and female hosts.

* (2:49) Dan’s first awkward confession, plus Unicron, Arcee, and a seven-inch Voltron.

* (6:51) Pat rages against 3D movies, and the rest of us pretty much agree.

* (12:51) After a brilliant segue, Pat gives his take on the movie incarnations of Mystique.

* (16:47) Gaming as...

Jun 9, 2011

* (0:30) Battletech, the map case, and why we’re hesitant to let certain people play characters of another gender.

* (5:24) The start of the next March of Dimes charity auction.  You have 10 days to bid on a complete Dresden Files set with a GM book, several player books, and plenty of Fudge dice.  The books will all...

Jun 2, 2011

* (0:30) The first auction is over!  The second auction will be for a collection of Dresden File books, signed by Fred Hicks, Rob Donoghue, and the FtB cast.  It will start when episode 234 drops next week.

* (5:10) Free RPG Day is coming up on June 18th.  Chris offers a bring-a-friend idea to help use this day to get...