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Fear the Boot

Mar 31, 2010

* (0:45) Raina’s Wings is now a contest with prize support provided by Arc Dream, DriveThru, and Polymancer.  Make your donations here, and be sure to either leave a comment with your donation or let Necronomitron know who you are.

* (3:39) If you’re interested in joining our Blood Bowl leagues, you can find...

Mar 24, 2010

* (0:31) Future predictions about Fear the Con 3.  The joys of being ahead a few episodes, I suppose.

* (3:48) You can still donate to Raina’s Wings!

* (4:37) Decorating your ultimate geek house.  You can see the mentioned dungeon house here.

* (19:04) Building meaningful PC romance and other relationships in an...

Mar 20, 2010

While the recording quality is better than the show from Fear the Con 2, it’s still not perfect.  Also, there was a hardware glitch that got fixed right around the 10 minute mark.  All of that aside, it was an incredible experience that we wanted to share with anyone that couldn’t make it to the con.  I hope...

Mar 10, 2010

I want to thank Dave Dankel from Iron Agenda for taking my seat on the show this week and letting the guys record with his setup.  I desperately needed the time to work on Fear the Con stuff, and the free night helped out quite a bit.  If you’re at all interested in WarMachine, be sure to check out his show!

* (0:30)...

Mar 3, 2010

* (0:29) Revisiting Raina’s Wings.  You can make your donation here.

* (4:18) If you’re coming in on the Wednesday before Fear the Con, we’ll be having an impromptu social gathering at Maryland Yards at 7:00pm, just down the street from the hotel.

* (6:30) Chris and the scooter store.

* (7:22) Keeping emotions in...