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Fear the Boot

Dec 22, 2010

* (0:27) Dan has a problem, but that doesn’t mean dice magic isn’t real.  Also a tangent on facial hair.

* (5:10) How we each got our start in roleplaying games.  What attracted us to the hobby and which titles we played first.  In case you’re curious, here are the rules to four-card golf.

* (36:27) Christmas...

Dec 16, 2010

* (0:29) Chad is making a science fiction game of some kind for Fear the Con 4.

* (2:07) If you’re interested in helping promote Fear the Con 4 around your town, we have two different fliers available here and here.

* (2:54) Fear the Con 4 will be the site for a regional tournament of the Ultimate Fighting System card...

Dec 8, 2010

* (0:38) Chad enjoys a 4th edition dungeon run!  Unfortunately, he did not get to play a level one thief named Boba Fett.  The great group he played with and restraining the urge to RP.

* (21:07) How to keep players caught up on a campaign when they have to miss some games.  Whether that’s best done by the other...

Dec 2, 2010

* (0:45) The JCPenney’s catalog, red box D&D, old radio shows, and meeting famous people.

* (4:40) Be sure to get signed up for Fear the Con 4!  We look forward to seeing you all there.

* (5:09 If you’re looking to rejoin World of Warcraft as Cataclysm drops, you might want to check out the listener-sponsored...

Nov 25, 2010

* (1:09) Chris puts out a request for short audio and video clips for use in episode 200.  Please send submissions to by December 10th.

* (3:48) RPG Toolkit for the iPhone has just received a significant series of improvements and upgrades.  If you’re interested in checking that out, visit the...