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Sep 24, 2009

In this interview we talk with Jim Pinto from Alderac Entertainment Group.  You can find his gaming blog here and portfolio here.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Wayne

Guests: Jim Pinto

Sep 16, 2009

* I hate Skype.

* Happy birthday to Chris!

* Pat finds Devil Cremes.

* Sherlock Holmes, the upcoming movie, and reimagining popular stories.

* Old games that we miss…!?

* The creep of roleplaying elements into non-roleplaying games.

* Failures of outreach in geekdom.

* Bringing roleplaying games into the...

Sep 10, 2009

* Sister-kisser redux.

* Nerd d**k waving.

* The soda map.

* Chad’s Fear the Con 3 blog.

* Bookstores and bookstoring.

* Character advancement and atrophy.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne

Sep 2, 2009

* Welcoming Wayne as a host.

* What is your favorite word?  Super Troopers meow clip.

* This is Chris’ 50th episode!

* Pocket gaming books.

* One-shot roleplaying games.

* Special thanks to Zircher for the Baron’s reply tagged at the end of the episode!

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat,...