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Fear the Boot

Jun 24, 2009

* Learning a little more about Pat.

* Power 16 II rolls on!  This week is the second round of the Denny’s League.

* Can’t Stop the Serenity charity.

* Some mathematical facts about 153.

* Reverse picture-preview episode.  The 10 pictures forum users submitted to inspire this episode can be found here.

Hosts: Chad,...

Jun 17, 2009

* You can find Chad’s Twitter feed here.

* Power 16 II, round 2 of the Shadowrun League. Get your votes in! You can find the on-going bracketology thread here.

* When is it too soon?

* Handling failure as a Game Master.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John,...

Jun 11, 2009

* Power 16 II continues!  It’s time to vote on the first round of the Denny’s League.  You can find the bracketology thread here.

* Wii Fit.

* Chad gets screwed by another video game.

* Breaking the fourth wall of electronic games.  You can see Project NATAL here and Milo here.

* Player Character failure in...

Jun 3, 2009

* Star Trek Bridge Commander and other Star Trek video games.

* The Power 16 2 begins today!  The first round of competition within the Shadowrun League will run for a week or two.  Get your votes in here! Remember that we’re giving away Catalyst gift cards, so if you want to enter for those, be sure to leave...