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Fear the Boot

Apr 22, 2009

* “Dan’s not quite long enough” has started!  To make your donation to March of Dimes’ Raina’s Wings charity, do so here.

* Fear the Boot community’s Neverwinter Nights mod.

* We discuss a commentary by Isaac Asimov on whether “true” science fiction can ever sell in a mass market.

* Why Dan struggles...

Apr 17, 2009

* A big thanks to the guys at The Core gaming shop in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

* Things that wouldn’t work as roleplaying games.  Apparently clips of The Letter People aren’t hard to find.

* Playing animals or anthropomorphic animals in a roleplaying game.  You can see a picture of the guy that inspired this show on our...

Apr 8, 2009

* Dan’s not quite long enough.

* Chris introduces his son’s friends to D&D.

* We ponder why video games aren’t held to the same product standards common to every other industry.

* Roleplaying with your kids.  The toy company Pat mentions is Schleich (WARNING: this site plays music when you open it). ...