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Fear the Boot

Feb 25, 2009

* Raina’s Wings.  You can donate here and read the full story behind this charity on our forums.

* Remembering the importance of player contribution to an RPG’s unfolding story.

* Fear the Con!  You can see Dave’s account of the pirate ship building on his blog.

* Getting over the GM jitters.

* Handling a group...

Feb 18, 2009

* Pat hasn’t played Oregon Trail…?  If you want to play around with Logo, there are some modern adaptations in Flash.

* RPGs in a bad economy.

* Shepherding your off-topic players.

* Know when it’s time to end your campaign.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat

Feb 11, 2009

* Making Ed’s kids gamers.

* The real reason we play MMOs and the lack of innovation in the industry.

* Media companies don’t realize what year it is.

* Are RPG companies adapating to meet changing consumption patterns?

* War Pig Radio.  You can find the update on its status here.

* RPG Countdown.

Hosts: Dan, Ed,...

Feb 4, 2009

* A viewing of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 leads to a broader discussion of anime.  The anime Chad recommends is Planetes and Last Exile.

* Heroes of Lesser Earth.

* Fear the Boot’s Twitter feed can be found here.

* Game Master handouts and other visual aids for players.

* Tangible goodies that sometimes ship with video...