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Fear the Boot

Oct 29, 2008

* An online Diplomacy game is starting!  If you’d like to join, click here for more information.

* World Wide Wing Night 5!  You can find information about the St. Louis and other locations here!

* Fear the Con 2 information can be found at or  If you’re...

Oct 22, 2008

* World Wide Wing Night 5 on November 8th!  You can find the details for the St. Louis location here.  If you’re not in St. Louis, you can find a list of gatherings in other cities here.

* Fear the Con 2 on March 6th and 7th!  What details we have can be found on the Warhorn site or our forums.

* Our new blog is up at...

Oct 15, 2008

* Murphy’s Law strikes again!

* The Warhammer Online guild is going strong.  You can find the details here.

* World Wide Wing Night 5.  You can find details here.

* Email addresses for all hosts are back.

* This is the last week for the GM profiles!  Be sure to get yours in!

* Why is self-destruction a constant in...

Oct 7, 2008

* World Wide Wing Night 5 on Saturday, November 8th is coming up soon.  You can find details here.

* The Seinfeld/Microsoft commercials.

* Our Warhammer Online guild is doing unexpectedly well!  Join us on
the Order side of the Thorgrim server.  More information can be found here.

* Character, role, and personality...

Oct 1, 2008

* The episode 115 tutorials are NOT available on CD.  We’re having problems getting CafePress to process the sound files properly.  However, if you want to create your own CD, we’ve compiled the MP3 files in a CD-ready format (intro music removed, etc) in a zip file that you can download here.

* World Wide Wing...