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Fear the Boot

Aug 27, 2008

* If you want to join the Fantasy Football game Dan built, you can find a participating location at

* A big thanks to our Gencon TOFTBCHes!

* GM profile for Pat.

* Send us your GM profile!  If you need to convert your recording format, you can do it here.

* Upcoming episodes for non-gamer...

Aug 20, 2008

* Chris’ blog of Gencon can be found here.

* What we’ll do differently next year.  You can find information on True Dungeon here.

* We answer audience questions live.  Questions came from…

Itamar from Hamishakia
Andy from Amorphous Blob
Bill from Dragonlance Canticle
Dave from The 2 Half-Squads

Aug 13, 2008

Don’t forget to keep checking our forum for changes and more details.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to ZeikeCopperEyes for all of his hard work in making this happen!

Aug 13, 2008

* The death of Gleemax.

* Shout-outs to Cigar_smkr and Jlhburnett of Hex Games.

* Check out the new forums here.

* One last time: here’s our schedule for Gencon 2008!  And our social gathering details have been fixed here.

* The page Chris will be using to blog his Gencon experience is this one.

* GM profile for...

Aug 6, 2008

* Fear the Boot welcomes guest hosts, Rob and Matt, from the Bear Swarm podcast.

* Our events at Gencon.  You can still find the link for the FtB social gathering here and the general list of all podcasting events here.

* Why a horse swarm is far scarier than a bear swarm.

* GM profiles for Matt and Rob.

* Setting and...