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Fear the Boot

Jul 31, 2008

* The Gamer Adventures site can be found here.

* Back Seat Producers can be found here.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke, Matt

Jul 24, 2008

* Fear the Boot’s Age of Conan guild has migrated to the PvE server, Set.

* We’ll be doing several panels and a live recording at Gencon.  Be sure to check out the schedule here.

* We’re still planning our social gathering for the Thursday of Gencon.  Details here.

* A brief introduction of Pat.

* A profile of...

Jul 16, 2008

* The new portal will be uploaded shortly.  If you actually have a recipe for gamer muffins, feel free to post it before the old forums get shut down!

* Don’t forget to let us know if you’ll be stopping by our gathering at Gencon!

* A copy of Earthshaker! gets us talking about anachronism and genre-mixing in...

Jul 9, 2008

* Fear the Boot moves…upstairs.

* The new portal is still on its way and should be up soon.

* If you’re going to be at Gencon, there’s a get-together for FtB listeners being planned.  Be sure to stop by the forum thread and be counted so we can get a venue of the appropriate size.

* John’s acceptance speech from...

Jul 3, 2008

* Chris’ Battletech romance of his wife…?!

* The dark history of Dan, Tex, and Chris.

* Crappy Kahlua and high quality water.

* If you’re playing Age of Conan, stop by and check out our guild!  You can find details here.

* A big thanks to forum user, CigarSmoker, for the cigars he’s been sending us!

* How do you...